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Fee Policies

The Following Fees are payable at the time of Admission

- Registration Fee (Non-refundable)
- Admission Fee (Non-refundable) 
- Security Fee (Refundable)
- Tuition Fee (Monthly)
- Annual Charges (Payable once in a year)

The tuition fee forms are issued to students latest by 20th of each month. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that they received the fee forms and inquire the office if they have not received till the due date is given

The monthly tuition fee shall be paid before or on the due date i.e,10th of every calendar month. The monthly tuition fee for the current month will be charged to all new admissions. The student whose fee is payable after expiry of “DUE DATE”, is issued periodic reminders and ultimately the “FINAL REMINDER”. Thereafter outstanding dues will be adjusted out of security deposit and re-admission fee could be charged.

The security deposit is refunded in full at the time of the 'withdrawal' of the student or request for school leaving certificate (RSLC) after completion of studies or otherwise, provided that the student has paid all his/her dues and the school has no justifiable outstanding claim.

The school reserves the right to hold student's progress reports, transcripts, examinations results, school leaving certificates etc if the dues have not been cleared.

There will be no concession for fee waiver for the period that a child may have stayed away from school, due to illness, social commitments, visit abroad or for any other reason.

If the school is closed during emergency, war, epidemic, floods and earthquake or for any other reason on National, Provincial, District level or by the order of the Government for a specific period, the parent / guardians shall have to pay the fee regularly by10th of each month.



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