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As illness spreads from child to child with alarming speed and also have a critical effect on learning process, so please, do not send your child to school if he/she has a fever, nausea, or any other symptoms of illness indicating that he/she has a viral disease. If your child becomes ill at school, the school will immediately try to contact you to take him/her home. In case your child is in serious condition, we will take him to the emergency & will contact you immediately. Update the school about the latest medical condition of your child as well as your emergency contact number. The children should have hair cut regularly, their nails should be trimmed and a neat and clean school uniform is required when they come to school.


In case your child is hurt in an accident at school, the staff will take necessary care i.e, first aid, THE INTELLECTUALS maintain an accident book where the details of an accident are recorded. This book has to be signed by the parent/guardian. In case the wound requires immediate attention from a doctor, the staff will inform the parent/guardian accordingly.



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