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Student Counseling

Staff of THE INTELLECTUALS SCHOOL is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of each student. Through a proactive system of intervention, the staff is able to excel the potential of the students. Proper guidance provided by the experienced staff encourages the student to make appropriate decisions regarding their future. Academic progress updates are also provided to the parents/ guardians on monthly basis to ensure that the management is fully aware of how their students are progressing in their study.
The transition from childhood to adolescence triggers both hopes and fears for parents who want to promote their children's school achievement but also want to protect them from drugs, violence, and other immoral activities. We consider moral guidance of our students as our primary role and sought to protect our students from negative influences. We teach to our students about respect, honesty, and responsibility and its adoption in the practical life. One career counselor is available for each group of 15 students. She/he guides them in building strong character and personality.



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