The Intellectuals

Benefits of Affliation

Utilization of Popular and Growing Brand:

An affiliation certificate is awarded / issued on the fulfillment of pre-requisites of TIS, which enables you to open the School under the brand name of TIS.

Full Fledge Consultancy:

Team support and guidance is provided on every step of the campus setup, establishment, management etc.

Location Analysis:

The selection of specific site is reviewed by TIS team and is subject to approval through mutual consent.

School Building Design, Renovation and Decoration:

Principal office, Classrooms, Quran room, Activity Room, Library and Play Area should be as per TIS designed specifications. Installation of equipment and decoration of Montessori Rooms and campus will also be fully supported by TIS. Moreover, campus can get all the required materials/supplies from the Head Office /authorized dealers on the discounted rates.

Management Trainings:

Management trainings are arranged to train the investor/Resident Director about the TIS procedures to effectively manage the campus operations.

Marketing and Promotion:

A complete marketing support by using a wide array of marketing channels is provided by TIS. Materials are also provided to the campus on economical rates.

Staff Selection:

Complete support will be provided in hiring of Principal, teaching staff and other staff members so that suitable candidates are being recruited.

Course Curriculum and Planners:

TIS provide Curriculum Resource Packs (CRPs) and Daily Lesson Plans (DLPs). The teachers use these CRPs and DLPs to carry out the true implementation of the TIS curriculum.

School Supplies:

A centralized store department is in place for the procurement of stationery and uniforms. Such a centralized system ensures the TIS standard and consistency level across all campuses. Another major benefit of such store is that bulk-purchasing makes it highly economical.

Online Computerized Students Information System (Web Portal):

Online computerized student's information system is available for organizing/ managing school system including Registration Module, Fee Processing Module, Attendance Module, Curriculum Module, Exam &Assessment Module, Stock Management Module, HR & Finance Module, Event Management Module, and Visitors Module etc.

Official Email:

An official email on School domain is also issued to the campus for the official correspondence.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

M&E system is in place to assess the campuses in fulfillment of new standards, continuation of the existing policies and to keep a track of ongoing progress. Regular school inspections and audit are also carried out for quality assurance.