The Intellectuals

Message from Board of Governors

Welcome to The Intellectuals School (TIS) that has been created to help prepare children for living a purposeful, ethical and successful life. Such a life is possible if the society offers ample opportunities to every individual for pursuing their legitimate aspirations and the individuals have the capabilities to avail the opportunities. TIS is an initiative to help create opportunities as well as capabilities through an education system that blends knowledge with universal values and makes it accessible to the majority of the society.

TIS is built on the belief that the enterprise of knowledge is comprised of two complementary aspects, divinely revealed knowledge and humanly observed knowledge, and that an understanding of both is essential for a purposeful, ethical and successful life. The source of the former are divine scriptures, particularly Al-Quran, and the source of the latter is science. TIS aspires to draw from both streams of knowledge to provide the basis for values and capabilities.

TIS aspires to provide this blend of education in a manner that saves the costs of elitist as well as charitable solutions. Accordingly, TIS has been designed as a self-sustaining rather than profit-maximizing venture and the fee structure is designed to meet all the costs internally without the need for external aid. You are invited to explore more about us on TIS website and provide us your valuable feedback.


Board of Governors