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Parents Teachers Meetings (PTMs)

TIS fully acknowledges that an effective parent-teacher partnership can make a significant difference in the child’s education and success. The start of a new semester is an ideal time to refocus this partnership.

It is important to consider each parent-teacher meeting as an opportunity to refine the child’s individual learning plan and to make sure the roles of teacher, student and parents are clear, specific and designed to bring out the best in the child. Keeping in mind that teachers have many children demanding their time and attention. A good PTM can help a busy teacher focus on what are the child’s needs.

Parents Teachers Meetings are arranged at least twice in a year. Moreover, PTMs are also arranged on the requirement basis.

Suggestions for the Parents/Guardian Regarding the PTMs

Here are some practical suggestions to make the PTMs as productive as your child needs it to be:

This may be as simple as continuing to do the things that already are working at home and school, or it may involve restructuring homework, creating a special study space at home, or making sure a child with a learning disability receives extra time necessary for test-taking.

Part of a good plan — especially if there are any serious issues being addressed — means scheduling a time to meet again to reassess the progress that has been made and the plan itself.

Parents who utilize these simple, common-sense strategies significantly will increase the chances that school will be the successful experience they want for their children.