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Professional Development


TIS believes that human resources excellence not only narrows the achievement gap but also because the students deserve the best. Professional development isn’t a one-time mechanism; it should be a continuous part of the career by making it a priority to assess and improve employees skill set, and increase value to your organization. Professional Development is quite simply a means of supporting students in the school to understand more about the environment in which they work, the tasks they do and how to do it in a better way. It is an ongoing process throughout our professional life..

Our training philosophy constructs on TIS vision and commitment to promote learning through continuous professional development of its human resources. TIS training activities are designed to improve the quality of classroom instructions; enable individuals to grow professionally; introduce specialists to the practical applications of research-validated strategies. Many professional development opportunities are also available to new and experienced teachers, teaching assistants and administrative staff. These trainings enable staff members at TIS to achieve personal satisfaction, growth and progress, also to contribute positively towards organizational, social and national growth.