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Online Teachers Resource Center /ISOK

The role and functions of teachers’ resource centers are fundamental in promoting and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in schools. As per requirement of the new millennium, schools have to adapt to the demands of the information technology and globalization. New policies and frameworks have to be counterfeit to develop a literate society capable of competing on the world stage. In this regard school resource centers play a valuable role in sustaining curriculum reform, supporting innovative teaching methods and enhancing teaching strategies.

TIS has the pride to launch first online teachers’ resource center in Pakistan, which means teaching and learning support on just a single click without any hassle to borrow the books and related materials from the physical teachers’ resource center. Furthermore, there is no limitation of downloading the books as all books and materials are easily downloadable in PDF format. Its main purpose is to provide academic support to TIS teachers and offer services that encourage staff to read for information, improvement, development and pleasure.

The majority of the resources support classroom teaching with a wide variety of materials covering all levels of teaching and learning in our schools. The center is well equipped with the materials and books in the following areas:-