The Intellectuals

Franchise Affairs

Salient Features:

“The Intellectuals School” is the Choice of “Intellectuals”

The Intellectuals School (TIS) is the rapidly growing network of the schools across the country which provides quality education on affordable cost to brighten the children lives through Islamic and modern Scientific Education. For this purpose the campuses are equipped with the excellent facilities which allow students, parents, teachers and community to enjoy the benefits of quality education at door step.

TIS believe in independent management which enables the campus local administration to make the decision at local end to run the campus with minimal interference. However, since we expect standardized systems, therefore, some functions are centralized to support the school local management.

Head Office

The Intellectuals School (TIS) provides a standardized educational structure. Therefore, Head Office at Islamabad provides full support at all aspects of the school management and operations.


TIS is based on the Integration of Islamic & Contemporary Education, in which medium of instruction is English and Oxford curriculum is taught from Islamic perspective. A balanced and comprehensive Islamic Curriculum has been designed under the kind supervision and guidance of Islamic scholars and educationists. Arabic language is also taught so that children can read and understand the Holy Quran and Hadith.


Our Students fluently communicate in three languages (English, Urdu and Arabic).

A Caring Environment:

Environment plays a vital role for the grooming of the child. TIS offer and maintain a caring school environment that fosters creativity and learning, besides building in children a strong bond with ALLAH (SWT) and His Messenger(PBUH).

Montessori Methodology at Pre- School Level:

Montessori style of education is implemented at Pre-School level which involves a range of materials and activities to stimulate the child's interest through self- directed activities. These materials are generally organized into five basic categories which includes; Practical life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture. Moreover, TIS is also affiliated with Montessori Council of Australia for advanced support.

Individual Attention:

TIS emphasize on individual attention in order to meet the individual needs of each child and groom his/her overall personality. For this purpose, teachers are given special training on child phycology which enables them to handle every child accordingly.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Houses and Societies are in place to explore the hidden talent of the students. Quiz, drama, literary and debating activities are regularly conducted to enhance the students' communication and presentation skills. Apart from that indoor and outdoor games are also arranged.

Teaching Methods:

TIS practice a wide range of proven teaching and learning methods in conjunction with the use of e- learning and Audio Visual Aids, enabling the students to grab maximum concepts.

Staff Trainings:

TIS has a culture of continuous trainings of teaching and non-teaching staff for the best implementation of the TIS curriculum. Trainings, refresher courses and workshops are also held to enhance and update staff knowledge and skills.

Web Portal:

TIS has comprehensive Computerized Online School Management System (Web Portal) which smoothly manage all the operations of the School. The system consists on different modules which are as following:-

Celebration of Events:

TIS celebrate Islamic and national events to educate students about our culture and values. It is also very effective to provide an environment for socialization of students, teachers and parents etc.

Parents Teachers Meetings (PTMs)

TIS fully acknowledges that an effective parent-teacher partnership can make a significant difference in the child’s education and success. Therefore, Parents Teachers Meetings are arranged at least twice in a year. Moreover, PTMs are also arranged on the requirement basis.


TIS also arrange excursions and educational trips on regular basis. These activities are the direct source of knowledge which gives the child first-hand experience. Through excursions child get practical exposure, which in turn develop the interest of the child to appreciate the beauty of nation and get real happiness in the outside world.