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The e-dossier is an electronic interface/ portal highlighting all the information about a student. It contains information on one's strengths, weaknesses, goals as well as accomplishments up to the time it is last updated. A dossier is mainly needed while evaluating a student. This tool also help to streamline administrative work related to the students profile, fee etc.

TIS concede that teachers and parents play a vital role for the success of the child and school should update parents/guardian about the child performance and behavior with full honesty for the improvement, better grooming and bright future of the child.

TIS is the first school in the Pakistan which offers e- dossier facility for the students/parents which enable them to keep an eye on the child performance on a single click around the world without any hassle and sparing time to visit the school and ask about their child progress.


It consists of the following modules:-

Student Profile

It shows the detail information about the students, parents, emergency contact numbers etc.

Fee Details

It comprises on monthly fee vouchers and payment historyof the student


It enables the parents to view his child attendance and leave history month wise.


It indicates examination history/result card forthe first and final terms.


It shows teachers’ observationsabout the student studies, behavior, discipline and medical issues etc.

Online Feedback Form

It provides an opportunity to the parents/guardians to document his concern/issue/query about the child performance/school. Suggestions and recommendations are also encouraged.