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Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Objective and Purpose

The objective and purpose of monitoring and evaluation is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the School and its efficacy in relationship to the planned expectations from the management end. Although monitoring and evaluation are usually linked, it is important to distinguish their purposes. Monitoring is a more immediate and continuous process meant to keep things on track and ensure that the right inputs are included for successful implementation of an educational model. The purposes of monitoring include:

While Evaluation is the assessment of efficiency, impact, relevance and sustainability of the program’s actions usually at completion but also at mid- term and ongoing which gives broad lessons applicable to other programs and projects. Indicators of effective evaluation of schools include:

TI recognizes M&E as a regular feature to assess educational programs effectiveness and to support continuous learning improvement. Therefore, a separate M & E department is working to assess the Schools in fulfillment of new standards, continuation of the existing policies and to keep a track of ongoing progress. Which include:-