The Intellectuals

School Plans

S. No.Franchise TypeAffiliation FeeRoyalty
1Pre School (Play Group to Kindergarten)0.3 million9% on New admissions and Tuition fee only. There are no hidden charges.
2Junior School (Play Group to Class 5)0.5 million
3Senior School (Play Group to Class 10)0.7 million

Note: Standard per class students’ strength is 30.

Students’ Fee Structure

Fee is payable in multiple categories at the time of admissions, while tuition fee is payable on monthly basis. Schedule is as under:-

Main Fee Slabs -------------------------------------------------------------> Slab 1 (City Areas) Slab 2 (Rural Areas)
Fee Details Frequency Status Amount(PKR) Amount(PKR)
Registration Fee Once at time of admission Non Refundable 500 300
Admission Fee Once at time of admission Non Refundable 5000 3500
Security Once at time of admission Refundable 5000 3500
Tuition Fee Monthly Non Refundable 2500 1750
Resource Fee Annually Non Refundable 2500 1750

Note: Monthly fee for class 9th and 10th is 3000(City Areas)/2500 (Rural Areas) which is subject to be changed. .Discount is also offered to siblings, employees son/daughter and deserving candidates.

Affiliation Process