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E-Learning Web Portal

TIS believe that special situations require special measures and adaptability from all stakeholders including the teachers, the child, the parents, and the school administration. It is the duty of the schools to implement a more holistic approach and be prepared for any such situation in the future which hampers the course of regular schooling.

In the current era of technology and globalization today's students live in a world that is extremely fast-paced, constantly changing, technologically driven, and media-saturated. It requires that we provide an education designed to help our students truly succeed,

For this purpose TIS has introduced E-Learning Program which is an integral method for delivering knowledge to the students. It offers numerous effective and productive ways to engage the students.It enables the students to ensure that learning is never stops and basic learning requirements are fulfilled even if the students are unable to be present in the school due to any reason.

Through this E- Learning web portal includes TIS Curriculum,lesson plans, worksheets, assignments and projects are shared with parents and students for all age groups according to their class and subject. Many more online student and parent resourcesare also posted on the web portal.

Your children are the future of our Nation. Let's work together to make them succeed even at home!