The Intellectuals



There are two types of examinations in one academic session which are as following:-

First term examination is held at the end of the first term, while final term examination is conducted at the end of the final term. In addition to the examination results, the term marks reflect a student’s overall progress, including performance in home-work assignments, projects and tests etc.,

A centralized Examination Wing is working under the supervision of academics department, which ensures standardization in syllabus and planner coverage, examination paper making as well as the marking process. These examinations enhance the school’s philosophy of continually working towards academic excellence.

Achievement Award Certificates

We belief that he students’ positive recognition is probably the best incentive and motivator of continued student progress and good behavior. When students are given nothing but negative feedback, they will feel beaten down and will lack any desire to put forth effort in the classroom. They know their efforts will only be met with criticism, so why even bother trying?

But when students are given positive feedback and are rewarded for a job well done, it’s only natural for them to continue to work hard and do their very best. Even the slightest positive student recognition does wonders for the child’s morale and enthusiasm about school work and their outlook on school..

In TIS best performers in academics and co-curricular activities are rewarded with the achievement award certificates.

Pre-School Progress Report

Progress Report Class 1-8